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Originally Posted by yehia7000 View Post
horusray, you said gigabyte ud5h has 12 power phase but the much better maximus v extreame which is the best motherboard in performance and overclocking has 8 power phase
Maximus V Extreme uses PWM that has 8 true power phases vs 12 virtual power phases of Gigabyte z77-UD5H. Motherboard VRM Explaination Part1: The VRM and PWM - YouTube

As for why why Maximus V Gene (4 true power phases) can overclock better than UD5H? I'm not so sure. Perhaps it's the MOSFETs Maximus family uses that can handle 60A.

In the end, I chose UD5H over Gene because it's a full ATX board with more expansions, and it's a bit cheaper (I used a $50 BB gift card and paid $153 after tax) . Also, I only overclock my 3570k to 4.5gHz given the Noctua D14's capabilities. If I had the money to afford Corsair H100 or equivalent, I would've considered Gigabyte UP5-TH or even Maximus V Etreme.

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