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OK, the RT-N66U arrived finally! What NCIX thinks of 'express' and what I think are different, but it was certainly arrived fast when it finally perkolated through to the shipping department, so no fault to Canada Post!

I'm doing initial tests with it on stock firmware as AP/hub, to replace the faulty G wifi on the venerable-but-slowly-failing WRT54G and to replace the hub from the SMCD3GN Shaw DOCSIS "modem". Have the wifi from the modem turned off as well, so if these initial tests go well I'll ask Shaw to put the modem into bridge mode and start testing the stock nat/etc stuff.

First thing I noticed is that it's beautiful. lol! Cool little box, 3 replaceable antennas. I don't know much about antenna technology, I do have some after-market antennas attached and strung outside the rack, not sure if it's optimal or anything like that.

excerpt of output from: 'sudo iwlist wlan0 scan' command
Frequency:2.437 GHz (Channel 6)
Quality=70/70  Signal level=-22 dBm  
Encryption key:on
What the neighbourhood looks like, signal-strength wise:
$ sudo iwlist wlan0 scan | grep -i signal
                    Quality=67/70  Signal level=-43 dBm  
                    Quality=44/70  Signal level=-66 dBm  
                    Quality=55/70  Signal level=-55 dBm  
                    Quality=70/70  Signal level=-22 dBm  <-- Me
                    Quality=37/70  Signal level=-73 dBm  
                    Quality=31/70  Signal level=-79 dBm  
                    Quality=24/70  Signal level=-86 dBm
Will have to test it with some file transfers and long uptimes and see what happens. 1336PDT today was last time I auto reconnected to IRC (my usual way of finding out when I d/c ), so we'll see what happens!

I'm also testing a RocketFish Wii Lan adapter, cause I was sick of the constant problems with the Wii's networking, and other people were having similar problems with seemingly properly functioning networks. Not sure I'm impressed, it doesn't seem to work with a USB hub, which would seriously suck.
I'll report about that too if folks care.

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