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My System Specs


LOL mine bitcoins to offset cost, great concept, takes a heck of alot of mining to get anywhere these days :P

Personally I hate Nvidia, so I will not vouch for them, driver wise as of late they have both had thier issues, games wise, depends on game will tell which is more powerfull. A stock 7950 vs stock 670 at the low to mid resolutions i.e up to 1920x1200 the 670 is the better card from performance in most games. High resolution i.e 2560x1440 and above(multi-monitor) the 7950 is easily as good if not better as it has more ram and such to work with.

At least the reading I have done says this, below said reso, tilts in favor of Nvidia Keplers, above said reso and multi-mon, easily tilts in AMD favor. But you are saving $100, the radeon is easily overclocked and gains a good chunk of performance from doing so, and adding an SSD to the mix and= the same price to a touch more, the Radeon will give more value/$ :)
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