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The new BlackBerry phones should be out in a few months if you can hold off. They are looking to be really nice phones with a good OS and I will probably pick up the qwerty model when it's available. My brother was a long time BB user and is now on the Galaxy S3 and it is a really nice gadget. He also had a 9800 and seems to like the S3 but he says it isn't a flawless performer either. I thought it's a bit big for a phone. It really depends on what you want to do with your phone. I am still very much hooked on BB for email. I don't play games or use it as an MP3 player, but I do surf the web and watch the odd youtube video and for the most part, my 9790 BB does the trick. I had an iPhone 4 and got rid of it after about 7 months because I couldn't get over the huge onscreen keyboard. Those iPhones are great for consumption, but I find myself talking and typing more with my phone so I went back to BB. The Androids seem like a nice fit in between with more ability for customization and more choice of applications than BB.

As mentioned in here before, don't hold phone reviews with too much regard. A lot of the sites like BGR and Engadget seem to favor certain brands and everyone is taking a kick a BlackBerry while they are down for the moment. Best thing is to into the store, play with each phone as much as possible and do your research. I find a lot of people buy a phone expecting it to be able to do something and then get pissy when they find out it doesn't.
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