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My System Specs


I get the easy part of Apple products - my mother, not the most tech-savvy person out there uses both the 4S and the iPad2. And its great for her as well as more local family members.

I'm quite okay and capable with the techy and the learning of it all, Andriod. And I've done a lot of research on the Androids. They most definitely sound promising!
Really its hard to really compare the products truly until they release the iPhone 5. Although, I'm sure it's all hype.

But, sadly. My decision may be made based on convenience in the end. As my mother lives out of country and the imessage and face-time may better suit our needs - because Rogers has the WORST and EXPENSIVE - Canada to USA - Texting and Calling Plans. lol.

But in the end - I really and truly wanted a bunch of different intelligent peoples opinions on the iPhone (and the Andriod).
My minds not 100% made yet!

So, I thank you!~
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