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Originally Posted by Ibekrazy6988 View Post
So truly, there are no real iPhone lovers/users out there in the Hardware Canucks Family to Argue these statements so far??!
Apple doesnt get much love on tech forums because they sue all the companies we buy our devices from in an attempt to smother competition. Competition is good for the consumer and Apple truly does not have the consumers best interest at heart (as a company they have a 40% profit margin and they are pretty much the only ones that buy their software so most of that comes from overpricing hardware and probably royalties from App purchases).

Most people on this forum are interested in performance and flexibility and Apple just does not provide that for us.

Also for overclockers you can overclock your android phone to make it run faster and rooting your phone is simple (equivalent to jailbreaking except again offers more options than jailbreaking does) it's almost like the phones are made to be rooted and messed around with.

TL;dr enthusiasts buy products that were made with enthusiasts in mind whereas iPhones are made with teenage girls in mind (not that this is a bad thing just not this forums cup of tea).
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