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well at least i know how to solder!

i got the caps replaced and put in the computer. but i was unable to boot because bios kept randomly freezing. i finally decided to put in some careful thinking and realized i did do some things incorrectly.


1. i was leaving the solder gun for too long on the board causing the board to heat up which made the capacitors go black....stupid me.

2. always make sure that, if your using a electric soldering gun likea weller, always make sure the tip and its "seat" or wahtever is pushed in all the way so you wont end up leaving the gun on for a long time.

3. your may be dealing with copper here so i suggest you scratch the area where the capacitors legs were at (that little hole that the caps leg goes though), dip the soldering wire in flux, and, while the soldering gun is hot, apply the wire to the soldering gun (not too much) and place it near the hole once you get the capacitor in its place.

i am never purchasing an evga product again. ever. if it says evga on it, forget it.
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