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So I am back again!

The first coat of black paint going on the front panel! I am going for matt black for now but if I do not like it I will gloss it and give it a good polish.

Next up is to attach the back outer sheet of aluminium. This sheet is going to be permanently attached much like the outer panels of the top and bottom. I have made sure that the top and bottom are all filed and sanded down before hand. My sister was recruited to take some pictures... LOADS of glue on the panel.

Clamps! I love clamps!

To ensure that the middle stuck I shoved a few pant tins on top of it.

Now that I cut this all by hand, there is a little bit of a gap between the top and side, I was expecting this and so made sure my supplies of 'mud' were stocked. I do love filler! But it does look alright now.

A tub of Belgian mud, I have no idea what the instructions are so I just went with it.

Ready for some sanding... Lots of sanding!

We have a public holiday here tomorrow so wait for some more updates!
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