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My System Specs


Thanks JJThomp and everyone else (incluiding DrunkMeta!! LOL) These are the sorts of debates and conversations I was looking for.
I know what we've heard are all rumours and I am anxious to hear the definitive details rather then all the speculation.

What kills me most, is how quickly all these companies have new products coming out.
You just can't stay on top of any of them!!!

They say there are the APPLE LOVERS and then there is EVERYONE ELSE.

And I myself have been a long time Blackberry User - So I have no real opinion on either (except for the Blackberry) which as we all know is much father behind in technology then everyone else. It would be awesome if they came back with a huge surprise and surpassed everyone else. Thats highly unlikely. Hahaha. The Blackberry 10 is slated to come out as well, and it is not getting very good reviews already either attached to its failling Upper Management and Bombing Stocks.

So truly, there are no real iPhone lovers/users out there in the Hardware Canucks Family to Argue these statements so far??!
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