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Originally Posted by BigPhatPaulie View Post
Ah okay THAT makes a lot more sense, as for the caps still sounds like you did something wrong installing them, probably the wrong type for the card or not installed properly
i got the caps replaced now. all three of them that are near the pwoer connector. windows works fine on boot up and the cards power connector is recognized by the nvidia control panel (isnt showing missing power connecting message).

but when i run games, they cause windows to BSOD and then it restarts the system. after restarting the computer, the screen will flicker and flash. right now im testing the specialists. seems to run fine on the card...except it shows weird lines and shapes popping up so im going to replace the capacitor that got blackened while it was being soldered in. (i can barely see the "negatives" on the side of the capacitor)
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