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The thing I would like to see them improve on is having set pieces drop from bosses. I know they said they didn't want people doing boss runs over and over again, but the fact is that the random nature of drops is a frustration for everyone. You should know that if you kill the Skelly King, you have a 1% chance of getting a set piece of one particular set. Sure, you may have to run him 1000 times to get the set, but you did the work to get it... not farmed gold (or bought gold for those who are so inclined) to purchase a full set. This was one of the things that kept people playing D2, the Mephisto runs, (or whatever was your favourite).

I understand the need to farm better gear to progress in Inferno, I get it, but when better gear never seems to drop, you get frustrated. But then again, I am a completionist and the damn achievement system is my hook... I keep trying to finish as many as I can. 3 chars to 60 so far, 2 more moving through... and another achievement will be done. :) I am not sure if I am going to do the 2 of the same char type to 60 (hey, who am I kidding, of course I am going to get at least one type there, just to clear the achievement)
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