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Default what's the problem...


I currently have a cooler master silent pro m1000 which is a 1000W/80A/80PLUS Bronze psu and it seems it does not handle highly oc'd gtx480 in sli so im thinking about buying another psu. So here's the problem, i don't know which psu to buy: should I go for a 1200w+ ? or should i just simply find a better quality 1000w psu (even though i thought the CM silent pro line was a good quality psu's...)

i dont seem to scale an oc'd gtx480 power. my oc goal is : 900c,2000m. Some people got the memclock even further with a core voltage of 1.125/1.138v (1.050v base)

amd phenom II x4 965 oc'd @ 4ghz
2x evga gtx480 SLi
msi nf750-g55 mobo
8gb ddr3 ram
500gb hdd
pump+quad-rad (120mm x4)

Btw, i do have a bottleneck with my current cpu but i intend to upgrade when haswell comes out...

So which psu do you recommend me? If the psu i currently have is well enough, whats the problem then ? PLease help it's been 2days iv been just looking through reviews and reading articles but still don't know what to do... -_-

thanks for you time!

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