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We typically shy away from controversy. Not this time. This has nothing to do with overclocking.

I'll come out and say it: AMD almost pulled the wool over everyone's eyes with the "GHz Edition" by claiming it would be almost immediately. That never, ever happened. It was simply a way to divert attention with a mythical product.

This situation has the same smell to it and I for one am not jumping onto the bait so quickly. I'm taking a wait and see approach instead of benchmarking a card that may or may not ever be available at the price AMD claims it will be.

IMO, what we have here is a situation very much like our refusal to benchmark an overclocked GTX 460 card during subsequent AMD launches. This differs in one major way though: NVIDIA's cards were available at the time. AMD's claims are nothing more than smoke and mirrors trying to divert attention from an upcoming card that may have them beat clean. That is until we see product on the shelves at the prices they promised....THEN we'll talk. :)

It's time for the media to start talking straight, regardless of the party stepping over the it Intel, AMD, NVIDIA or anyone else for that matter. This is just the first step.

Am I pissed with the BS being fed by these companies to readers and forum goers they think are naive enough to lap it up like eager puppies? Hell yeah. Enough is enough with the shady marketing tactics and that doesn't only go for AMD here.

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