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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
AMD today pushed out a BIOS update for its Radeon HD 7950 line of cards, but only for reviewers.

The company says the updates this refreshed BIOS has will in many ways mirror the style of update delivered to the 7970: apparent performance updates, new features, and an increased clock speed to 850MHz base/925MHz with “Boost” (compared an original base speed of 800MHz).

Read more here: AMD Rolls Out new HD 7950 BIOS, Expects Existing Customers to Look the Other Way | Hardware Canucks
I normally like your articles SKYMTL and i'm an nvidia user myself. However, this reeks of trying to create controversy where none exists. I say good on AMD, I haven't heard of a single user not successful with a 7970ghz BIOS flash. All 7xxx cards tend to OC extremely well, and without the retarded temperature throttle / power throttle that plague nvidia kepler cards. I purchased MSI lightning 680s precisely for this reason, becuase overclocking STINKS on most kepler cards - you can OC but you will run into thermal throttle....overpower throttle....if you keep msi afterburner overlay open you will see your clockspeeds continually fluctuate from all that crap.....