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My System Specs


Not sure what you like for cases but this Lian Li PC-8FIB aluminum case has usb 3 as well. Lian Li's are lighter and sleeker than the heavier steel cases and have a a nice finish on them.

As far as motherboards go I'm sure any of these would be alright:
MSI z77 gd55 $138
AsRock Z77 Pro4 $129
ASUS P8Z77-V Lk $135

For memory, any 2x4GB DDR3-1600 kit from gskill, corsair, mushkin, kingston would work. You dont need to spend more than 60 bucks on it.

For an ssd, ocz vertex 3's are on sale at ncix.

For a video card, I bet at that at 1440x900 resolution a gtx 560 non-Ti or even a 6870 or 7770 would be fine. Maybe check out the Buy/Sell/Trade section of the forum to see if you can get a 560Ti/570 or 6950 for a good price if you want something more 'future-proof'.
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