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My System Specs


Here is a little breakdown on Apple Vs. Android
- Android is faster with newer tech for the same price as Apple's older tech
- Anything you could think of doing on your android phone you can do it, android is meant to be flexible so you can use it the way you want
- New androids have better screens although i hear samsung is making them for the iphone 5 so they could be OLED but apparently Apple doesn't want OLED
- can be confusing if you don't take the time to learn to use it since there are so many options
- IPS screens good but not the best
- Slower processors, less RAM
- Not very customizable, they want you to use your phone a specific way and that is the only way it can be done
- Easier to use because you don't have to think to do things on it or streamline your experience because it can't be done

The new iPhone will not have a quad core processor or it will have a quadcore that actually runs slower than samsungs SIII so it will be a marketing stunt. The technology just isn't there to make them run cool enough. Case and point there isn't a faster processor that they could put in a phone without it getting over 100 degrees (the tegra 3 is close but not quite there yet).

The new iPhone is supposed to have OLED but really who knows

LTE just ruins your battery life and at this point is a marketing ploy, if iPhones have this it will be disastrous for them unless they have come up with a miracle battery at the same time which you would have heard about the technology because Apple doesnt make them.

New connector = pain in the ass and won't have any benefits because data transfer is largely held back by the use of USB (and thunderbolt doesn't supply energy to a device so if they make it thunderbolt compatible that will be something else you need to buy and chances are you don't have a thunderbolt port anyways).

Liquidmetal technology sounds great however it is not as indestructible or scratch proof as they say it literally defies the laws of the universe and who cars if the case stays intact because your screen is going to shatter long before that anyways... I would be impressed if they had replaceable batteries which if they use liquidmetal they wont be able to.

16:9 aspect ratio is pretty much standard the only thing that would impress me would be like a 1600x900 resolution which they don't have the compatible hardware for anyways so I am doubting that.

The rumours are all pretty silly at this point, none of them are really upgrades except for the aspect ratio. The best Apple could do would be to build an SIII and slap IOS6 on it. They could make the screen size a little smaller for a little better pixel density but they are using samsung displays so it isn't like they can do anything that samsung can't.

By the time iPhone5 is released samsung will be announcing their new 1.7 ghz dual cores in their phones or LG/ motorola will have put in a Tegra 3 processor and it will be behind already. The way Apple brings products to the market is really just inferior to their competition but they make up for it by spending a ton in advertising and paying off people doing reveiws.

All that being said I'm sure the iPhone 5 will be a good product but it will be slower, more expensive and less servicable than newer android phones before it is even released.
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