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Default Klipsch ProMedia Ultra - Modifications

Well it seems my ProMedia Ultra's are dying once again. This marks the 3rd amp failure, although it did take ~5 years to happen this time.

I'm thinking of just scrapping the sub/amp and replacing it with a slightly older Yamaha AVR that I have lying around and purchasing a new subwoofer.

Since I don't want to spend much and I don't need it to be extremely loud or anything, I was looking at these 2:
Martin Logan Dynamo 300 Subwoofer : Subwoofers - Future Shop
Energy 10" 100-Watt Powered Subwoofer (EW-100) : Subwoofers - Future Shop

The 10" is going to be cutting it close for floor space, but I think I could fit it. And yes, it is located in a corner, though my desk is above it (corner desk). The desk construction is fairly open (glass/metal). It's sitting on laminate flooring, DriCore subfloor, then concrete. Obviously it's in fairly close proximity to my seating position too.

Mainly just music and gaming usage. I watch movies in the living room. So I'd rather clarity over loud booming.

The other option is to by a sub amp and modify the enclosure to support it in order to replace the current Klipsch BASH amp that is in there. Then I could re-use the dual 8" driver sub that came with the ProMedia system.

Any thoughts/suggestions/opinions?
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