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Originally Posted by BigPhatPaulie View Post
What i dont quite understand is why your so bent on running old hardware? I mean sure its fun in practice to try and repair it but like dz said that card is beyond the end of its life cycle and its somewhat hard to understand your reluctance to spend a bit more than 30 bucks to ensure your computer runs smoothly?
the reason why i am so bent on trying to get this graphics card working again is so i can always revert to it when my old games wont run on the new computer ill be building soon.

and yes i actually do plan on getting some newer games as well like the one im most hyped about, Battle Field 3.

(new computer here: - Once You Know, You Newegg)

im sorry if this sounds stupid but i really do like the old games i still play and i really need those old programs. its a grand shame they are running bad on my Pentium D (tried using xp and the thing was unstable, went to windows 7 and now the network adapter acts funny and the games still run shite just like it did on xp).

this pentium 3 system is in good condition and runs my older games like a champ. if i can just get this 7600 ill be able to play left 4 dead 2 again since my pentium D is acting really funky right now. once i get the newer computer ill stop complaining and use the newer computer for games like left 4 dead 2, battle field 3, portal 2, and so on.

im really srry if this sounds complicated right now but i will simply say that as an aspergian, its hard for me to put all the things i have in text than saying it in words.

now can someone please explain what the blackened or darkened stuff on the side of the capacitor is? its the one that appeared after i was done soldering. the other one seems okay...
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