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My System Specs


I'm far from an expert, but here's my thoughts.

120 Hz minimum. No 3D, it's a gimmick and not worth the money. My Dad uses his Samsung Bluray to view Netflix over a wired connection, it works great so I assume the TV app would work the same. 5.1 surround is a huge difference from a 2.1 sound bar, and I wouldn't watch movies without it.

IMHO, the need for a separate HTPC is almost nonexistant these days since most cable companies scramble their signals and tuner cards simply don't work well. I use a PS3 to watch Blurays and network stored movies, and a PVR to record TV. I did have a HTPC system hooked up at one time, but sold it after I didn't turn it on for a month. I think I browsed the net on it twice as I found the text very fuzzy compared to my desktop monitor. I think your money would be better spent on the TV or on a higher end receiver / surround setup.
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