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Default Home Theater Questions - Gurus? Experts?

Any experts out there?

I have been thinking about a home theater and there are so many choices and options. I guess ultimately I want to keep it simple but sometimes that is harder than expected. I want to watch TV, play movies, play songs through the speakers via ipod or itunes on a computer, and maybe use the TV as a monitor for a computer.

My basic thoughts were 46-55 inch LED TV with a blu-ray surround system. I currently like the Samsungs so maybe:
Samsung - 55" Class - LED - 1080p - 120Hz - Smart - HDTV Model: UN55ES6100FXZA
Samsung - 1000W 5.1-Ch. 3D / Wi-Fi Blu-ray Home Theater System Model: HT-E5400ZA

However there are so many possible options:

TV - internet apps? wifi? If I have a computer hooked to the TV do I even need all those smart apps? 60 hz/ 120 hz/ 240 hz? 3D? no 3D? I mean really, it's like trying to choose from 3 beautiful women.

Blu-ray player - these also come with wifi and internet crap - do I get it on the TV or the Blu-ray player or it doesn't matter or just use the computer to view hulu / netflix/ etc?

5.1 Surround sound (or 7.1 or 999.1 )- I don't have a huge house - maybe just get a sound bar? (back to keeping it simple) Is home theater a lot of hoopla over nothing? heck I hear that old people like me can't hear anyway.

I don't want to spend money for no reason and it seems like the smart aps bump up the price yet don't do anything more than a computer hooked up to the TV would do and actually less in some cases.

Maybe just the TV, basic blu-ray player, sound bar, and hook up the computer to the TV too? 3D kind of seems gimicky. Not sure I would wear those stupid glasses to watch TV.

Maybe I should see if I can find an old tube TV at Goodwill. . . . .

Thoughts from the void?
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