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Default where to start trouble shooting?

ok first I feel kind of silly becasue I missed this thread about not being able to make new topics so I sent a report to you admins...ooops sorry about that.
ok now for my new thread

for some strange reason when I was playing a game after a while my PC would freeze I could hear a buzzing noise in the back ground sop I did a hard reboot, quickly looked at my temps and everything with around 40c so I thing restarted my game and it my game froze again at the same point. I thought that it was a glitch in the game.

after a few more times of this happening and my self getting past the point of the game that my PC froze it did it again, I then decided that I would reboot and try a different game.

after playing a totally different game and a couple of hours into the game the exact same thing happen, my PC froze and I could hear that buzzing sound so I just let my PC sit for a little while to see what would happen.
Well the buzzing sound would change to a different tone but the out come is the same. I did a hard restart again , now I have decided to test but I am not sure where to start.
what should I test first?
I was thinking of re installing my OS onto a SSD just to see if it my be a HD problem but I think I will hold off on thqat and see what other people think I should do first
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