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For those that are suggesting AMD APU builds, what would you suggest?
I am currently looking at an i3-2120, but for $15 more I can get the i3-2105 (it has HD-3000 graphics), although for $40 less than the i3-2105 I could get the A8-3850.

The HTPC that this is for will not do any gaming or 3D playback. It will be primarily for streaming up to 1080p media to an 46" HDTV via HDMI, as well as streaming to up to 2 Roku's via Plex (most likely needing to be transcoded on-the-fly).

I know the AMD's are cheaper, but how will they stack up to the multitasking and transcoding? in terms of processing power, the i3's have good numbers when it comes to transcoding/encoding. Also, Netflix uses Silverlight so it uses CPU instead of GPU.

All in all, I am not sure whether or not I need the better CPU power of the Intel or sacrifice a bit of processing power for better graphical power with AMD and lower cost as well. I have also tried to take into consideration that Intel's 1155 socket is more upgradeable in the future than AMD's FM1 (especially with FM2 coming)
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