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Originally Posted by MARSTG View Post
you went through all that effort for a gf7600? i think we should give this guy a one of our spare videocard, You are in Canada, Kid? I would give you a hd 4650
i was talking about this post. i remember reading another post around here on HC of this guy who wanted to build a computer with free parts and it was closed by a moderator. dont remember names though but you get the idea of what im thinking.

moving back on subject, i did get them properly soldered and stuff its just that the card looks warped or something because if you try to look at its flatness youll see its a bit warped or something. like someone trying to bend it.

right now im stuck wtih a geforce 5500 but that card cant run left 4 dead 2 like the 7600 did. i was looking forward to even running mirrors edge on teh Pentium 3 for massive amounts of giggles.
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