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I'm really sorry i got this thread opened and simply forgot about it. I'll consider both opinions up until now, thanks both of you supaflyx3 and FreeKnight =)

Now, answsering you quake3buter, i never had a gaming keyboard, mouse and mousepad so i don't really have a preference about lots of stuff, but here are some information that might be useful for you guys:

1. My actual keyboard/mouse set is a Logitech Ex 100, just a simple wireless keyboard/mouse and a CM Storm something mousepad. It's really confortable and good, but i don't really know if it's optimal for good gaming experience.
2. As i said before, never had a gaming peripheral in my entire life, so i'm opened for new stuff...
3. Must have:
Keyboard - Backlight, don't HAVE to be mechanical, but if could tell me a mechanical and non-mechanical keyboard i would be thankful, wrist rest and just the regular long shifts, backspace and enter.
Mouse - Just a really good gaming mouse that don't have a big yellow, purple light, optimized for FPS if possible.
Mousepad - Could be anything, i really need options on this one, the only thing i do care about is that is not made of metal, anything else i'm pleased to try out...
4. I didn't really got this question but i guess turn 270 degrees at least ingame

So, i guess this is it, thanks for all your support people =)
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