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Default Intel SpeedStep not working on Intel DP67BG Extreme Board!!! please help


As some of you may now I recently upgraded to a brand new system and have been using gaming with an overclocked Core i5-2550K processor to 3.8 GHz and using Corsair Vengeance RAM at 1600 MHZ. Since I am using an Intel DP67BG Extreme motherboard, I used the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility to OC my processor. I simply increased the CPU multiplier to 3. 8 GHz on each core and nothing else. Yesterday something weird happened however. Both CPUID-CPUZ and CoreTemp indicated that even while idle, my processor would not downclock to 1.6 GHZ( which it did until yesterday) even though I have had Intelīs SpeedStep feature enabled from the Extreme Tuning utility's Manual Tuning panel since I first OC my CPu. So basically my processor operates at 3.8GHz even when not doing anything and core voltage levels now oscillate between 1.2800 to 1.3200 even if am just surfing the web.

I am very worried that I might have damaged some internal regulation system in my motherboard or perhaps something worse. I would really appreciate some advise on what could be causing this situation and whether it is safe for me to continue using my processor in its overclocked state.

Many thanks for your help
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