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The 'supportyness' of the supports has been drastically improved! With some more triangles! They are going to help me in 2 ways, first stop it falling apart and second it is going to give me a place to attach the side panels.

All the supports in place!

Now the LED holes... get out the 10mm hole saw thing. It works quite well on acrylic!

I was considering just leaving it like that but as I do not have the LEDs with me I wanted to make sure I could add more if needs be.

Break the rotary tool out and now I remember why I hate acrylic so much...

The finished hole, I do not really mind if it is a bit iffy and stuff it is all going to be hidden!

I started trailing glue to see what the best method to attach the aluminium to the acrylic.

I have been working today as well so there will be another update soon!
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