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Whoa there... Half dead angry Meta coming through.

Bleeding edge? Please!!! everyone knows iphones are 6-8 months behind android phones. Take my Galaxy S3 for example... Million features no silly iphone 4S can match, including NFC, a screen worthy of 2012 and it isnt a thick brick of a phone.

Yes, apple is making everyone change accessories for money. We know this. And by we, I mean those of us wise enough to realize that iphones are a moneygrab product for a greedy company, to be sold the dumb masses.

Last point: just about all androids use a standard usb A to B-micro cable to charge (and transfer data WITHOUT itunes), how long has that cable been around? *pause for googling...* 2007. Ayup.

End of rant.... I prolly shouldnt post while drinking.
"Backed by common sense and physics!" -Squeetard
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