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Originally Posted by grinder View Post
i beg to differ... a charger for an iPhone 3 can still be used today, on your bleeding edge iphone 4s. wasnt the iPhone 3 relesaed in 2007?

yeah i thought so... bs tactics indeed
Some exaggeration is included, however your iphone 4s charger, cables and other accessories will not be compatible with the iphone 5.

As for BS tactics, look into how ridiculous their schemes are for accepting and denying apps are in the marketplace. Or look at how crazy it is if you say want to deploy a large number of them in the workplace. With a sharp limit on the number of devices per apple id, the management side of things gets excessive quickly from that alone. Or look at the lack of any sort of built in memory reader. Expandable memory? Nah we can charge you crazy prices for that instead. Oh one day that app you relied on was in the app store and tomorrow we removed it? Tough luck.

There are a LOT of reasons to avoid any sort of Apple product. Their whole corporate cultures pisses me off personally, which is yet another reason I avoid them as much as possible. Not to mention the fanboy culture they have built up is another annoyance.
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