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Originally Posted by lowfat View Post
After the X25-M G2 most Intel drives look like that IMO. I took some Mother's polishing compound to an X25-V and got a nice mirror finish out of it.
Yea I'm pretty sure that would void the warantee.

I"m wicked gunshy about the whole IPR/Warrantee thang.....I've been effed over for nothing a couple times.

I'm taking pictures as I unbox everything.

If water or iso won't take that crap off ( it's machining coolant , yawn *) I will take it to memx, and THEY can polish it.

Very poor quality assurance.

I'll be emailing Intel for SURE.

* I might be wrong about this ::edit : I just tried to clean it....they are actually etch marks....over cleaning mebbie ?

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