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Ahhhh where'd the Galaxy Rep go?? I was waiting for him to answer my reply :P

Originally Posted by Perineum View Post
Being that I never RMA something unless it's dead (I mean seriously, why do I want to create work for myself?) I hate RMA departments that make me jump through hoops to get something done.

OCZ is one such example and I've never bought anything from them again due to it.

In that case it was RAM. The RAM worked, then a year later it started having thousands of errors in memtest. Swapping the RAM out fixed the issue. Fairly cut and dry I'd say, but they still wanted to screw me around..... so bye bye.

Advance RMAs are winners in my book. I bought your product, now it doesn't work. Let me get it fixed now, not later.
That's extremely annoying. But considering there's a Galaxy Rep right here on the forums that should speed up any RMA process I may have..

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