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Originally Posted by GalaxyTech View Post
Speak of the devil and he'll appear. As far as warranty, RMA, rebate, or any other issues go I'm always here to make sure everyone's taken care of.

As far as which 680 to get, of course I'll be a little biased towards a Galaxy card but I have used almost every one of them myself and can help answer any questions you might have about them. The 680 SOC is an awesome card, but the 680 GC edition also has its advantages depending on what you want out of your graphics card. The 680 SOC gives you memory voltage control, extreme default clocks, and a very high airflow full-slot exhaust. The GTX 680 GC, which I currently use myself (4GB version), is my own personal favorite because the cooling is just awesome. My temps never exceed 62C even with an OC of ~1260Mhz, and the fans are never audible over my Thermaltake Frio set to the lowest level. I recorded 37dB at the maximum load temp.

By the way, what games are you playing and what kind of display(s) do you have? Are you planning to get a single card or run in SLI?
Thanks for the response!! I play games like Skyrim, Battlefield 3, Mass Effect, Diablo, etc...I run a single 1080p display. I'm planning for just one card right now, I can't afford SLI! Lol I really like the SOC and GC 680's I am just weary because on Newegg they are discontinued and some reviewers were saying the cards they got all failed and needed to be RMA'd.
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