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Originally Posted by Breslavets View Post
It's interesting to compare Roccat Kave vs Tiamat 7.1(may be other, i need the best) on Phoebus and X-FI Titanium.
Can't find such reviews.
I wish to select the best pair for gaming : analog headphone 5.1(7.1) + soundcard.

How well Phoebus supports EAX in old games?
As example:

Mass Effect
Doom 3
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Quake 4

I know that X-FI Titanium (usual Titanium, not the Titanium HD - it hasn't enough output lines for 5.1 haeadphone) works very well with that games.
There is a difference between the Kave's and Tiamat. Obviously the Tiamat's are 7.1 analog as opposed to the Kave's at 5.1,but even though there are few games in 7.1,the Tiamat's give you great 5.1 as well. For the price,the Roccat Kave's will do you well. Of all the 5.1 analog headphones available in the $100 range,you won't find better. The Kave's were a bit too uncomfortable for me as they pinched my ears and felt tight on my head after a bit of time while gaming. My wife also tried the Kave's,and she too found them uncomfortable. She ended up preffering the Tritton HDa's. The Tritton are also very good 5.1 analog cans,and could be had for about the same price as the Kave's. They are a very comfortable set. I have a set of Psyko 5.1's, and until the Tiamats showed up there was nothing that could come close to excellent positional sound from a set of headphones. The Tiamat's have proven to be equally as good,and with the added features with the Tiamat's,even better than Psyko. Believe me,I had a hard time finding a set of gaming headphones in 5.1 that could beat Psyko. A lot of members here thought I was a Psyko rep, given how highly I spoke of them. If you can afford the Tiamat's,grab em. They sound great with music,movies etc. The Phoebus sound card is a true gamers card. It has it's own EAX emulation that, in my opinion,is better than EAX itself. It's expensive. At $180,you won't get much better sound than the X-FI Titanium Fatality or Auzentech Forte if you are going to use 5.1 analog headphones. Your Titanium [non HD] should have 5.1 analog outputs. What's the exact model? If you are going to step out and buy the best available today,get the Tiamat headphones and pair it up with the Phoebus sound card. You will be more than ready for any game they throw at you. Good luck! One more thing. This is my opinion only. I'm not an audio pro or reviewer. I just know what I want to hear when gaming.
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