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Originally Posted by Roadburn View Post
I thoutht I had what I though was a great motherboard 5.4 Gy board mhz @ 1.475v although when I sent me back a unworking motherboard and when I sent it back ASUS sent me ba a destryed SOCKET on the motherboard with more then 30 pins crushed. So all I can say about ASUS is will see you in "COURT". So if I was you and you can though away a $500 motherboard go for it but if cannot. Buy another ASUS. I would buy a MSI , EVGA ,Gygabite are a few that are as good ASUS is not the company it once was.
Quit yer whining.

This is the second 'extreme' series ASUS motherboard I've been burned (ouch ! hot NB) by.The first was the striker extreme.The Rampage IV extreme is the second , but this time I was not blameless.

Do you know how I am handling it ?

I dropped my RMA and I bought another rIVe .

I'm going to stud it with sensors and try to kill it again , in an effort to help ASUS build a better motherboard......And listen , I got a lot of good help from ASUS people.

Muahahaha....I had the first setup doing 120kppd WIN7 folding...for 7 months straight.


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