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I consider 26mbps incredibly slow myself. That said I consider my gigabit network quite slow, and am already considering an upgrade to 10gbps. Also note that the claimed 26mbps is theoretical, and as with most wireless techs you are much more likely to see around half that in real term throughput, leaving us with a mere 13mbps.
To compare that with even a standard 2x2 MIMO 802.11n access point on the 5Ghz band, which has a theoretical throughput of 300mbps or with a 3x3MIMO AP at 450mbps; 26mbps is painfully slow. None of this even brings into consideration the new 802.11ac which increases speeds even further.

Ease of connectivity has definitely improved over the days of old, however it is still more complicated than plugging in your ethernet cable and starting your transfer.

Battery life is also improved, but I still lose ~2-3 hours of battery life of my cell if I leave the BT radio turned on, even when it isn't even paired to anything. Battery life drops further (although not much) if I actually pair it to something, and a lot further if I actively use that connection. That said my cell doesn't have Bluetooth v4, so battery life there could be improved for sure. Still way too slow for anything other than peripherals though.
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