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Im a bit confused by Westom and his posts, and how it relates to solving the OP's problems.

Im not sure where you're wiring Westom, but in North America "wall receptable safety ground", "earth ground" and "common ground" are all the same in house wiring. Hell, your neutral is connected via your breaker panel to ground as well. There is only one 'ground' in north america. Outside lines coming in to your house are only usually two wire; Two phase 120v, aka "210". Their is no "return line" per se, that goes outside the house since it is Alternating Current, and the ground connector (neutral, common, etc, etc) is your return line. You can wiki that to back it up.

To answer the OP's question, from what Ive researched about Pakistan, it is a 220ish VAC system, which I'm assuming is using 1 phase only. So you're main line in is a single wire? Grounding/Neutral would be only done on the house hold level, back to your panel (or however its done in Pakistan?)

I'm working with limited information here, really, and associating it at all with the way we do it in North America is a stretch.

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