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We have stated numerous times that he should get an electrician in and then and ONLY then get a good UPS.

You have made wild ass claims and still refuse to back them up.

"I" have claimed you are full of shite....which is easily verifiable by the shear mindboggling crap you have written in this thread.

YOU have muddied the water and told the OP that his mains power is good enough and to not bother with a UPS as its 'diritier'. You sir are a fool, if you think NOTHING is better than something. You boy-o are a fool if you think that there is only one issue going on with the OP.

The first question I ask people when their system 'dies' is if its on a UPS. I have seen it too many damn times to count that crap AC power has killed a rig....yet YOU claim that this shouldnt happen and / or would happen more often IF more people used a good quality UPS. Would love to see some 3rd party backups to your claims.

Fact 1. Power spikes can kill a PSU
Fact 2. Brown outs can kill a rig.
Fact 3. A good UPS can save rigs and PSUs from damage
Fact 4. A good UPS does NOT cost 1K.
Fact 5. You are full of shite.
Fact 6. Only YOU still think that all UPS use square wave output
Fact 7. See fact 6 to why 5 is correct

So once again.....Show us some data to backup your claims. OR stop confusing the OP with your personal delusions. Stick to facts.
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