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Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
Or am I missing something? I would love to see some confirmed docs either way. 3rd party would be even better.
Because I can't count the number of sites that putting a UPS that did line conditioning in helped the Telecom and Servers.
Again, if that UPS does what so many have claimed (due to an education by advertising), then the poster has also quoted manufacturer spec numbers. Remember, the majority that also *knew* Saddam had WMDs? Myths are so easily promoted by wild speculation; especially when numbers are ignored. Some numbers only posted by the few who know this stuff.

A UPS that claims a sine wave output - subjectively - also 'forgets' to include numbers such as %THD. The utility - a third party - showed a classic UPS sine wave. Maybe a 20% THD. Dirtiest power in the house. And perfectly ideal for all electronics. That is the point repeatedly ignored. Due to superior protection inside electronics, then the 'dirtiest' UPS (or cleaner power from AC mains) is sufficient.

All UPS discussion should end there. Nobody needs a magic box to 'clean' electricity. Because, and by far, the best cleaner inside the house is already inside electronics. Best AVR, line conditioning, etc means even crappiest UPS power is sufficient. Why would anyone spend $1000 for 'cleaner' electricity that is not even needed?

A 240 volt UPS outputting 400 volt square waves with spikes exceeding 500 volts - sufficient and good power for electronics. Again, numbers that come from some UPSes that power electronics without any harm. BEcause electonics already do better AVR, line conditiong, etc.

View spec numbers for protection. Destructive surges are hundreds of thousands of joules. How many joules does that UPS claims to absorb? Hundreds? Again, hundreds is near zero. So many just know by ignoring these numbers. Near zero. That UPS with 'total surge protection' also has near zero protection. Don't take my word for it. Everyone can post each number that defines protection.

And still posts, irrelevant to the OP's original questions, continue because a UPS must do magic to AC electricity. Nonsense. A UPS has one function: temporary and 'dirty' power during a blackout. Why is 'dirtier' power better? Way too complex for some here AND irrelevant to the OP's questions.

When is power output from a UPS cleanest? When a UPS connects AC mains directly to electronics - as demonstrated by left side waveforms from a typical sine wave UPS as provided by a third party, AC electric utility - Duke Energy:
Tech Tip 03 - Indiana Business-Duke Energy

taimoorali007's questions answered by addressing his concern:
1) Wall receptacle safety ground is for human safety (and will help eliminate noise due to leakage currents). 2) Earth ground is required for human safety and also does transistor safety. Those are for voltages that may be tens, hundreds, or thousands of volts. 3) A ground that is common only to interconnected appliances addresses the ground loop problem or other similar noise (leakage) problems. That ground is for voltages that are single digit or less. That create noise; not harm to hardware or humans.
Why are so many recommending a UPS when even UPS spec numbers do not exist? Why are so many confusing taimoorali007 with irrelevant recommendations based only in advertising myths? Why are so many UPS recommendations made devoid of any numbers?