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I honestly do not know where you shop...but for MUCH less than 1K you can get a good sine wave output UPS. IDK maybe you just shop at Futureshop? Or maybe south of the border the prices are out to lunch?

You are the one putting it into black and white by making sweeping grand statements...just like you have in ALL your posts.

Yes, a good PUS can convert dirty power to pure DC. BUT it does take a toll on them and can shorten their life. Sometimes significantly. This is another area you are talking out your ass on. Just like you think a brown out wont hurt the PSU.

YOU have made lots of black and white statements regarding UPS and now PSUs.... So put up or shut up. Show some whitepapers or 3rd party PROOF of your rather absurd statements.


Originally Posted by westom View Post
First read only what was posted. Do not reinterprete in 'black and white' terms. Knowledge always means numbers - perspective. Most UPSes are square waves, stepped waves, etc. To get anything approaching what you think is a sine wave costs typicaly about $1000 and up. Why would anyone spend $1000 when no such 'purity' is needed by electronics?

No evil manufacturers were defined or even implied. Just another example of 'black and white' thinking. They did not lie. Manufacturers summarized (for those who only read sales brochures) what that square wave output is - a pure sine wave output. Square waves, stepped waves, spikes, etc are all a sum of pure sine waves. They did not lie. You are simply describing evil because you forgot a basic concept taught in high school math.

taimoorali007 - crappiest power from the 'dirtiest' UPS is also good power for electronics. That same power can be harmful to small electric motors and power strip protectors. But due to what all electronic power supplies do, that same 'crappy' power from a UPS or AC mains is converted by each power supply, first to even 'crappiest' power, and then to rock solid, ideal, perfectly clean and stable, low voltage DC. One of many functions required to be inside a power supply. In short - an anomaly long ago made irrelevant. And irrelevant to your original questions.

The details: Does not matter how clean or 'dirty' your AC is. Electronics converts it to much higher voltage, radio frequency spikes. Make AC power even 'dirtier'. As I said, 'crappier'. And then superior filters, AVR circuits, etc inside your electronics convert that 'dirtiest' highest voltage, radio fequency spikes into perfectly clean DC voltage. Because the best AVR, etc is already inside electronics. Again, where is the best electricity 'cleaning'? Inside electronics after your electronics makes that AC power even 'dirtier'.

Another anomaly: What happens when AC voltage drops so low that incandescent bulbs dim to 50% intensity? Due to superior AVR inside electronics - that remains a perfectly ideal AC voltage. A reality that was defined perviously with numbers. How often do your lights dim that low? Why then are you worried about anomalies that do not exist?

One anomaly not made irrelevant by electronics is a blackout. Blackout protection is the UPS's function. But you never said anything about blackouts. Your AC main concerns are other anomalies. Why are others so worried about blackouts - a problem you did not ask about?

Every reason to get a UPS was not a solution to any of your original problems.

Stick to the anomalies you asked about. UPS - a temporary and 'dirty' power source during a blackout - does not address any of them.
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