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My System Specs


Originally Posted by westom View Post
Do you want hardware protection? Or do you want temporary power during a blackout? Each is a completely different anomaly. Nothing solves both.

If a UPS does hardware protection, then a manufacturer spec numbers that says so is posted. The only UPS number for protection is near zero. Just enough above zero so that naive consumers will recommend it as 100% protection. In reality, protection already inside appliances is better.

Your concern is an anomaly that can overwhelm existing protection. That was stated, quite bluntly, by one who has actually done this stuff professionally. You asked about hardware protection. That means earth ground - for all two wire and three wire buildings.

Any recommendation without numbers should be ignored as an example of knowledge from myth and advertising. Stick to your original problems. And understand that any claim devoid of manufacturer spec numbers and well proven science is best ignored. You are paying too much attention to and being confused by posts that are obviously irrelevant to your original problems. Posts based in popular urban myths because spec numbers and necessary facts are missing. Have only confused you. Defined from the beginning is what every post must discuss to answer your original concern:
Just out of curiosity since you have all these tools and such.
Can you show me a modern UPS Input and Output Wave forms with Low Voltage and Noise on the lines and see what kind of Ripple and Waveform is present in both an Online and Line Interactive models? Both on the Input and Output.
You are so apt to say numbers this and numbers that;

I want some numbers, and I am sure many viewing do too. I've actually requested documentation from all the Major Players in the Power Quality Industry so I can do some comparisions and learning. *EDIT* - Once I get the PDF's I will gladly post them here so we can all learn.


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