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so as i was filling out a job application today, and decided to use these two blue tooth dongles i have laying around. havent used them in a long time and you know what?

ITS PRETTY FRIGGIN AWESOME! makes me want to buy more of those dongles! even throw one on my server! hotdamnitrocks.

i just took a picture of my cert and stuff and it transfers to my computer.

also found that the job app doesnt take jpeg so i downloaded a copy of my cert from comptia in pdf and then transferred that to my desktop.

did i mention i want to throw one on my server so i wont have to deal with flash drives or mapped drives?

im so physced out about it right now. i even found i could use my mic and speakers to make calls on my cellphone using bluetooth!

anyone ever use Bluetooth? hows it work out for you?
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