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My System Specs


Originally Posted by taimoorali007 View Post
Woah! Lots of Info, m learning with you thnx but guyz lets just take it straight....Now after all this, I need few things installed with my PC, okay? And help me making the list :P

A UPS first of all! I never used UPS with but in my coutry, the units I can only get easily are APC, not Cyber Power n0 Opti-whaeva!

Just APC!!

Okay now we got here local company named "Puma", they make stablizer with Servo Motor which many claim that best than Relay System in AVR Unit for PC, well i dunno about it but u tell me. Its for making stable voltage according to our area which is 220v but cant control high voltage, it trips on that!

APC, u all guyz know are well known and so plz help me suggest the good enough APC unit, Smart series of APC are widely available! So which one cuz I cant import that good brands UPS from CA or US!

Pardon me, but my area AC is Crap! So need solution when there is light or no light. I think u got my words :)

Still wanna know "Suppose I got UPS and with no battery, then can I use that Unit jsut as a protector or Stablizer????

APC is really a Pure Sinewave or Modified Sinewave?
Again your one main issue is the house wiring or whatever it was that Westom pointed out.

As for APC, they have multiple models. The Back-UPS Units are usually stepped Approximation to a Sine wave, but only when on battery. Since they are On-Line UPS the battery and the waveform that comes off from being on Battery is not what you get when the unit is just running. It does have Active AVR to clean up dips and spikes in your Mains, as well as Online Filtering to clear up other types of electrical noise that can occur.

None of this however, will solve the main wiring issue (or at least thats how it sounds) in your house.


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