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What does a UPS do? Connects your computer directly to AC mains. And slowly switches to battery power during a blackout.
Just a nit to pick with this as it is incorrect. A UPS is an Uninterruptable Power Supply. It provided it's output on a continuous basis with outhaving to "switch over" from mains. That is a Standby Power Supply that switches over on a voltage drop. SPU's can produce a small spike at changeover and are usually used on equipment more tolerant of such things.

Still wanna know "Suppose I got UPS and with no battery, then can I use that Unit jsut as a protector or Stablizer????
No, A decent UPS will not function without its batteries. The output voltage from a UPS is supplied by the batteries. The remainder of the supply exists to turn the battery's DC into an AC signal and to charge the batteries and monitor the mains.

APC is really a Pure Sinewave or Modified Sinewave?
It depends on the model. I would guess the lower end ones are probably modified since wave while the mid to upper end ones are Pure sine wave. To be certain about a particular model, check APC's website. They have plenty of information on UPSes and power conditioning in general.
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