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Question New Apple iPhone 5 (Rumors and Thoughts)

Hey Everyone!
I don't get on the site all too much (sorry).

But I wanted to start a thread about the new "Apple iPhone 5"

Basically I am still sporting a Blackberry Bold 9800 and I'm sick of it.
Its slow as snails and just seems to be so far behind the rest of the technology (and doesn't look to be catching up anytime too soon). And by no means meets the requirements i need in a smartphone anymore.

I'm very much leaning towards the new iPhone 5 (whenever it comes out).
I know the Google Android phones are well liked as well (with the new ice cream sandwhich tech and all).
But I've heard many good and bad reviews from sites and friends about them as well.
I guess no smartphone is perfect, right!!!

I know the new iPhone will likely sport a new overall look, larger screen display, 16:9 aspect ratio, two tone case, more centralized front camera, iOS6, either a new 19-pin dock connectors or 8-pin, quad-core processor, 4G/LTE, and i heard the possibility of liquidmetal technology.....

1) What are peoples thoughts on the new iPhone 5 and its rumoured upgrades??

2) What have you heard about it? Any confirmations on release dates??

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