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OK...just so I understand you correctly. You are claiming that ALL consumer UPS devices put out square waves and not pure sine. If so you are full of shite.

If you claim that the mfg'ers are just FALSELY claiming pure sine on their pure sine models...then you are not only full of shite but going to be 'full' of some APC lawyer's and their 'appendages' if you say that to long and too loudly in the wrong places (like at your workplace). You simply bought a model that does square output. Many of the cheaper ones do. You got screwed and now are trying to shift blame from your own mistake to the 'evil' mfgers. BUT dont try and spout that FUD to people asking for HELP that dont know how foolish what you are saying really is.

In other words...'citation needed' on your rather bold ass claims. K thx bye.

NOW I agree on the rest of what you are saying...but damn you are just plain wrong on the UPS end of things.

To the OP:
I've used APC models (and a bunch of others) at the enterprise level, SOHO and the consumer level. Yes the less than 1bill'ers output square...but the days of ALL of them doing this are looooong gone. UPS'es have advanced a lot in the past decade. APC, tripplite and the others would NOT advertise pure sine (without a * claiming its just a marketing term) UNLESS it did output pure sine wave power. They would have been sued into oblivion a long time ago otherwise. MFG'ers are VERY careful on claims like that.

The 2-3 bill range though is FULL of UPS' that output pure sine wave power. They ADVERTISE this....and the ones they say jack on...dont and use square. Is this a good stopgap solution....maybe...maybe not. Do it right and get a cert'ed electrician in and do your whole house....and do it NOW!! THEN stick a UPS on it.

Power from the mains is NOT cleaner than that from a good pure sine UPS. Only a hack would say that. Otherwise there would be almost no need of UPS devices. Hell let that so called engineer take that line of reasoning over to a hardcore A/V forum and see how fast you get burnt at a NO ONE with a 10K or more A/V setup would trust the power coming from the electric company WIHTOUT extra filtering.

Originally Posted by westom View Post
And again, scams are promoted because someone knows by ignoring all numbers.

Let's take that stepped approximation to a Sine wave. I have a UPS whose output is even 'dirtier'. And the manufacturer also called that a sine wave output. Did the manufacturer lie? Or course not. He simply used his high school mathematics. Square waves and spikes are nothing more than a sum of pure sine waves. So your 'pure sine wave' UPS can also be those same stepped waves.

Is it? Is your many $thousand UPS that 'dirty'? You must have spec numbers. No sine wave is zero %THD. Most sine wave UPSes sold to consumers look like this:
Tech Tip 03 - Indiana Business-Duke Energy

Why do I know? I own and use an oscilloscope. I ask damning questions. Am always suspicioius that doubtful of any claims made without numbers. Those UPS recommendations are the urban myths created by not providing numbers.

What does a UPS do for taimoorali007's original problem? Well the engineer who has numbers and waveforms says that UPS does nothing. The engineer, who even designed power supplies, says the best AVR and other functions are already inside those supplies.

The engineer who did this stuff for many decades also defined three different grounds. Defined different anomalies (destructive transients, noise, etc). And then said what each ground will accomplish.

Hardware protection is about earth ground. Wall receptacle safety ground does not provide hardware protection. UPS or powr strips do nothing for the missing ground. Even static electric protection is about another ground located elsewhere - underneath the shoe.

A UPS is temporary and 'dirty' power during a blackout. Those other solutions are already inside electronics. A UPS, much 'dirtier' than anything we have discussed, is still ideal power to electronics. Because electronics are so robust as to convert even that other 'dirtiest' UPS into ideal perfect voltages. And still irrelevant to his household wiring questions.
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