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Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
So please, help him fix his problem.
Solutions were summarized earlier.
Originally Posted by westom View Post
1) Wall receptacle safety ground is for human safety (and will help eliminate noise due to leakage currents). 2) Earth ground is required for human safety and also does transistor safety. Those are for voltages that may be tens, hundreds, or thousands of volts. 3) A ground that is common only to interconnected appliances addresses the ground loop problem or other similar noise (leakage) problems. That ground is for voltages that are single digit or less. That create noise; not harm to hardware or humans.
Of course details and exceptions apply. This summary describes where the various anomalies are addressed. Where to start. More important to protecting appliances is the earth ground - where utility wires enter the building.

Not in that summary was static electricity which involves another ground. No solution exists for all anomalies. Each must be addressed individually.

A concern for protecting appliances is completely different from the 'tingle' and resulting concern created by an appliance that is missing its safety ground.