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My System Specs


Originally Posted by westom View Post
He has confused something that costs $tens of thousands with something that costs $hundreds. Both are completely different devices that happen to share a common name.

Your 240 volt UPS may output 400 volt square waves and spikes well above 500 volts. Due to superior voltage regulation inside electronics, that 'dirty' power is converted to ideal power. Best AVR and other functions are already inside electronic power supplies.

Same 'dirty' UPS that is ideal power for any electronics can also be harmful to small electric motors and power strip protectors. All electronics are so robust, electronics have superior AVR, and a UPS selling only for $hundreds is made as cheaply as possible. That UPS also does not do anything for the OP's original AC power concerns such as two wire circuits.

What does a UPS do? Connects your computer directly to AC mains. And slowly switches to battery power during a blackout.

What does that power look like? A utility shows what happens when cleanest power from AC mains (left side) is replaced by 'dirty' UPS power (right side of picture). Note the changed waveform when a UPS switched from AC (clean sine wave) to battery ('dirty' square waves):
Tech Tip 03 - Indiana Business-Duke Energy

If a UPS output is 'cleaner', then he has posted manufacturer spec numbers. He cannot. Even the manufacture does not claim 'cleaner' power. His claims are subjective - how urban myths are invented. He says he knows only because he knows - classic urban myth.

Another device that does 'clean' power (also called a UPS), says so with spec numbers such as %THD. He cannot post %THD numbers because 1) the UPS outputs 'dirtier' power, and 2) only hearsay (no numbers) claim 'cleaner' power. Claims made without spec numbers are often an urban myths or junk science reasoning. Meanwhile, an AC power utility shows what the typical UPS power looks like - 'dirty'.

It is temporary power. A power supply routinely converts 'dirty' UPS power into cleanest power. Because best AVR and power cleaning is already inside that supply. 'Cleaning' is the job of every supply. Meanwhile, the UPS does not solve any of the OP's original concerns. UPS is recommended to solve a problem that does not exist.

The UPS shown in your graph there probably is converting it to square or Stepped approximation to a Sine wave. Most UPS's worth there name like APC and Eaton use Pure Sine Wave form for their output waveforms and are not subjected to that so called 'dirty' power. Even the Cyberpower units for $200-300 will do that.

I am truly sorry that I don't have the tools or means to prove that what I say, is truth. I don't have the ability to document it and show that what you are saying is not the case. The units that protect our Telecom servers and PBX's can range up into the thousands but for most smaller CICS and MICS , BCM50/450 applications the Smart UPS series from APC is a common point we go to and those are hardly in the thousands. As well, most devices we use are Online where the power flows through the AVR circutry and not the battery so the output is still pure sine , with just points in between to regulate the spikes that a household can have when turning on devices that draw lots of current.
Again, if I had the proper tools I could show that my UPS's at home when I turn on certain devices filter out the V spike without pumping through the battery.

I, am not trying to be the 'urban' myth here.

None of this solves his main concern. Let us focus on that.


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