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Originally Posted by GVCBELGIUM View Post
Okey, I'm brand spanking new on this forum, but I spent so much time trying to fix this, i'm going to register on every forum where I
looked for a fix and post the fix I found :

Bios : Turn on integrated graphics card + allow dual monitor on integrated graphics card.
Windows : Go to hardware and turn on integrated graphics card if it isn't turned on.
Software : Install Virtu (lucidlogix with GPU Solution)
Connect one screen to dedicated GPU and one to onboard graphics.

Problem solved :) Took my HD7850 down from 50c to 33c idle at stock speeds. Found out about Virtu while overclocking my HD7850 from
860 Mhz to 1300Mhz core clock 1.3V
That's a hefty overclock considering the concerns over temperatures, I've heard many HD 7850's are capable running the memory at 1300 and the core at 1150. I could be mistaken. HWMonitor is an indispensable utility as well, overclocking or not.
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