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Originally Posted by igot6strings View Post
8gb is not overkill if you are using W7. Linux or WinXP 4gb will cut it but anything else its worth the extra $10-$15 to get 8gb rather than 4gb.
The i3 and built in hd gfx will be enough. The only place you may run into any issues is with Netflix HD as silverlight is a huge resource hog. If you find this is the case you may wish to add a cheap video card to help out however I think you should be ok without it considering.

I would recommend going the AMD apu route though. You can get a better bang for your buck when it comes to AMD and building a HTPC. With the money you save you could get a nice aftermarket cpu cooler to keep things cool and quiet.
4gb of ram is more then enough for an HTPC. Though I don't use netflixs.

I don't even use 64bit windows on any of my HTPCs and I've never run into ram issues
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