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I think all this really means is that OEMs need to step up their game in order to compete with MS's offerings. I don't think MS is going to undercut the market as they'd lose a ton of money, both directly (if they sell the tablet at a loss) and indirectly (if all the OEMs stop supporting MS). The Surface is the "benchmark" device IMO. Everything else will obviously be compared to it, so they better do something better than it if they want consumers to chose their model over MS's.

As far as I'm aware, MS is only offering 2 tablets, the Windows 8 RT model which is due out in October and the Windows 8 Pro model which is due in Q1 2013. That leaves the entire desktop and laptop market wide open to OEM's to innovate. There were quite a few interesting laptop designs displayed during the Windows 8 press conferences for example.

But yeah, the whole computer as we know it is facing some major changes next year. Obviously there will be those who adopt it and those who resist. No different than any other Windows release
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