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Default Asus GTX 680 anyone?

Well I'm new, and I have been lurking around many different tech forums looking for an answer to a complicated question. If you take a look at my sig you will see I have two 6950's in crossfire. I have had them for two years and never gotten quite the performance I would think I should. My original build had them in a computer with an AMD Phenom II 1100T which is a hex-core. When it became apparent to me that the lack of performance in games like skyrim, or fallout 3, could be related to the CPU being a bottleneck, I dropped the AMD CPU platform all together.

I now have the i5 2500K and the motherboard you see below in the sig, and while it did make a huge improvement in most games I still can't quite get where I want to be. So now I blame AMD's drivers which I have noticed are only getting worse. For example, there latest beta drivers improves performance slightly in metro 2033 (a difference of 3 frames) but hurts the performance of skyrim. The irony is skyrim is the only game I want to play with a steady 60 FPS. Something I know from years of experience with the gamebryo engine to be a daunting challenge.

With my two video cards and skyrim I cannot run the game at ultra without getting dips of about 20-35 fps in towns. And while this doesn't sound like a big deal and in most games wouldn't be, for me it is. But only in skyrim. In fallout my answer to unstable frame-rate is to cap the FPS at 30. Fallout 3 and New Vegas both play fine at this frame-rate, its not fantastic but you can get used to it. Skyrim on the other hand does not like 30fps. I don't know what it is but the games get horrible stutters.

But here's the icing on the cake guys. Since skyrim released on 11-11-11, I have been playing it and not even being able to get stable frames playing on High with AA turned off and shadows turned down! On top of that if vsync is enabled AMD drivers choke and die, and the game turns into a jagged slideshow of un-smooth mouse movements and stutter.

All I want is to play skyrim with 60 FPS always, I don't care how high it goes, as long as it doesn't drop below 60 ever. A tall order? Maybe. But this review from this very own site says it can be done. Granted they do not have many mods installed, and granted they have a better CPU, I would simply like to know, with my computer and if I bought this video card would it be possible to achieve similar results? I don't even play at 1920 x 1200, I play at 1920 x 1080.

ASUS GTX 670 DirectCu II TOP Review

TMALSS - Will that video card linked above, with my computer specs in my sig be able to max out skyrim (or come close) and achieve 60 fps everywhere in game?
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